Chick McGee

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Show Host/Sports Director

Chick McGee is a veteran of The BOB & TOM Show and sits at the sports desk every morning with the latest updates and the occasional “stupid world record.”

Born in London, Ohio, Chick’s been a Washington Football fanatic his entire life. 

Chick’s voice isn’t just known for delivering sports, but also many classic BOB & TOM bits including his most notorious character, Mr. Obvious. 

When not on the air, you can find him at home with the two “big sweeties - his lady dogs.”

Speaking Points

Radio Hall of Fame Morning Show Co-Host

National Talent/Trusted Voice

Sports Fan

Shoe Fanatic



Auto/Luxury Vehicles

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Chick's Commercial Examples

Anderson Credit Connection - Lincoln

Chick, the problem solver, created this commercial for a buy here, pay here car dealership in Nebraska....LISTEN

Grover Roofing and Siding - Youngstown

With all of the homeowners that listen to THE BOB & TOM SHOW, home improvement clients can benefit from running ads during the show or having a cast member and homeowner, like Chick, talk about the projects....LISTEN

Mini of Louisville - Kentucky

Chick does commercials for car dealers in a variety of places. Here is a spot selling used car inventory and financing....LISTEN